ring [1] NOUN 1) a small circular band, typically of precious metal, worn on a finger. 2) a circular band, object, or mark. 3) an enclosed space in which a sport, performance, or show takes place. 4) a group of people or things arranged in a circle. 5) a group of people with a shared interest or goal, especially one involving illegal activity: a drug ring. 6) a flat circular heating device forming part of a gas or electric hob. 7) Chemistry a number of atoms bonded together to form a closed loop in a molecule.
VERB 1) surround. 2) draw a circle round.
hold the ring — Cf. ↑hold the ring
run (or make) rings round (or around) — Cf. ↑run/make rings round/around
DERIVATIVES ringed adjective ringless adjective.
ORIGIN Old English, related to RANK(Cf. ↑rankness).
ring [2] VERB (past rang; past part. rung) 1) make or cause to make a clear resonant or vibrating sound. 2) (ring with) reverberate with (a sound). 3) chiefly Brit. call by telephone. 4) (ring off) Brit. end a telephone call by replacing the receiver. 5) call for attention by sounding a bell. 6) sound (the hour, a peal, etc.) on a bell or bells. 7) (ring in or out) usher (someone or something) in (or out) by or as if by ringing a bell. 8) (of the ears) be filled with a buzzing or humming sound due to a blow or loud noise. 9) (ring up) record (an amount) on a cash register. 10) convey a specified impression or quality: her honesty rings true.
NOUN 1) an act or instance of ringing. 2) a loud clear sound or tone. 3) Brit. informal a telephone call. 4) a quality conveyed by something heard: the tale had a ring of truth. 5) a set of bells, especially church bells.
ring down (or up) the curtain — Cf. ↑ring up the curtain
ORIGIN Old English.

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